January, 2019

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Newfoundland Memoir Explores the Meaning of Home

A new memoir from Ottawa-based author Shawn Anthony - Apse the Gate: Stories of Leaving and Finding Home - is a heart-warming collection of stories that explore his years growing up in the dense apartment blocks of Scarborough, Ont., and the windswept pastures and beaches of his native Fogo Island, NL.

Populated by rich and comical characters who play key roles in Anthony’s life, each story grapples with place, time, family relationships and what matters most.

With wit and intense affection, Anthony shows us the wild beauty of his home province and articulates what makes Newfoundlanders a breed apart as he tackles the universality of what it means to belong.

These stories have special resonance for anyone missing home, wherever home is.

As a foreword by MP Scott Simms notes: “Shawn has a unique vision and a deep understanding of the human dynamic . . . In these pages we encounter the ties that bind Newfoundlanders, not just at home but around the world, and a tapestry of stories and characters weaving through Shawn’s life that leaves you wanting to know more of them.”

This nostalgic homage to a unique, beautiful place and the people who live there is a must-read.

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